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A Comprehensive Prenatal Health & Prep Class

Prep & Connect 

New Dates TBD!

Getting ready to welcome a baby into your family can feel both exciting and overwhelming! 

We can help you navigate the changes, preparations, questions... and nervousness. 

Our prenatal class series aims to prepare you in a holistic manner, going beyond what is provided in traditional prenatal classes.  We spread this information over multiple, shorter sessions based on research for optimal learning.

You'll hear from a variety of trained professionals, each working within a specialized area of perinatal health.  Not only will you get the information you need for pregnancy and childbirth, but you'll leave connected to a community that can help you with your postpartum needs!   Participants have the opportunity to receive wrap-around care with our accompanying postnatal series wherein we will continue to support your journey into parenthood. 

Be introduced to helpful resources and have opportunities to make meaningful connections with other parents-to-be!  While you may not be able to plan for everything that might happen, you can put a plan in place to feel supported despite what happens!

Workshop Series Details

Pregnancy Test

Who's it For?

This program is geared to all those welcoming a baby.  You may receive the best benefit taken prior to late stages of pregnancy simply for reasons of comfort and receiving the info in a timely manner. 

We strive to be an inclusive community and to create information suited to the many ways in which babies become part of a family.   While there are pregnancy-specific components to this program, families welcoming a baby via adoption, surrogacy or other avenues may also benefit from the information provided. 

All are welcome.


Mother and Baby

Why is This Important?

Prepping for a baby can be a lot - and hard to know where to start!  Much of the focus is often on the birth itself (for good reason), but time and again, we hear new parents comment they "wish" they had received more information on the lesser talked about areas (i.e. relationship changes, pelvic floor challenges, helpful eating habits, dealing with fears). This lack of holistic information, paired with isolation, leaves many parents vulnerable, wondering if what they are experiencing is "normal."   We truly believe every parent can benefit from reliable information from a community of professionals who care.


Group series are an affordable way to learn a lot in a short time and discover areas you want to know more about!  Being part of a community also lowers risk factors for anxiety and depression, which are more common in the perinatal period.


Let us help you ready you, your relationship, your body by finding the reliable information and connecting with others.

Young Family

What's Included?

  • 6 topic-based workshops, each 2hrs length (total 12hrs)

  • Lecture & interactive exercises; small class sizes

  • Tea-time - connect with others 

  • Resource-building - connect with community resources

  • Digital handouts / summaries

  • Full Labour & Delivery (childbirth) prep 

  • Access to 6 perinatal professionals including:   

  • Registered Perinatal Nurse 

  • Registered Dietitian 

  • Registered Massage Therapist / Certified Athletic Therapist     

  • Registered Clinical Counsellors  

  • Certified Professional Trainer (pelvic floor coach)


Pocket Watch

When / Where is It?

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Dates: Currently paused. New dates TBD

Cost: TBD   

(support persons included)   

Location: 882 Maple St., White Rock, BC

(Sources Community Resource Centre)

Coming to the party late?  If you've just learned about us after registration has closed, or know in advance you will be away for a session, dont count yourself out!  Contact us to discuss your options.

** experiencing financial hardship?  We believe everyone should have access to the information they need.  We provide a limited number of bursaries for each program (pending full class enrollment).  Contact to inquire.

Newborn Sleeping

How Do I Sign Up?

Super easy.  To register push the button below. 

Do you have questions that need answers first? 

Get in touch with us.

See what topics we'll cover and learn more below!

While we actively seek ways to be more accommodating, we currently recommend arranging child care for older siblings.

** This series is intended to be primarily for educational purposes.  If you are experiencing active suicidality, bipolar disorder, psychosis or other mental health concerns requiring individualized treatment, we would like you to get your needs met in the best way possible.  Please discuss with your doctor programs such as BC Reproductive Mental Health or another support option best tailored to your needs.

Newborn _edited.jpg

Workshop Series Outline

Our goal is to provide you with information that addresses the prenatal needs of your body, your baby and your well-being.  Pertinent postnatal information will also be offered.

Below is a snapshot of topics in our series, along with more details of what to expect in the Labour & Delivery-specific sessions.  Please note, the order of topics within each series is determined by practitioner availability and listed below once arranged.

Healthy Salad

Nutrition and Nurturing

Nourishment For Baby, Body, and Soul

A cornerstone of health, nutrition is integral to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of you and your baby.  It's also incredibly hard to eat healthy - or eat at all - when you're feeling tired, unwell or busy preparing for baby.  You may have lots of questions about what foods are ok during pregnancy and which nutrients are best for baby's growth,  

Our Registered Dietitian will provide information such as:

  • 5 key nutrients to optimize maternal and fetal health

  • strategies to manage appetite changes in pregnancy

  • eating to optimize 3rd trimester sleep

  • meal planning to meet postpartum needs

  • an interactive element to understand your personal food challenges and questions

  • some individualized feedback/strategies that can dually benefit the group

Safe Activity & Pelvic Floor Prep

Movement that Meets Your Needs

The immediate and long-term benefits of exercise to the body, brain and emotions are being uncovered everyday - and are especially important within the perinatal period.  Likely, the exercise needs you had before are changing, along with your changing body and center of gravity!

In this program you learn will from a Certified Athletic Therapist / RMT how to:

  • work with your body through pregnancy changes

  • ways to prevent common pregnancy pain 

  • how to stay safely active and prepare for the physicality of labour

  • information about the pelvic floor and the important role it plays in pre and postnatal health

  • exercises to strengthen your core and pelvic floor to prevent common postpartum challenges

Prenatal Yoga Lesson
Writing by the Water

Perinatal Mental/Emotional Wellness

Taking care of Your Mind and Mood

Carving out time to process your thoughts, feeling, hopes and dreams around becoming a parent is a worthwhile endeavor.  Becoming a parent is a significant change and all changes come with a period of adjustment.  Having information and support can help. 

Our Registered Clinical Counsellors will help you to:

  • understand how mood, thoughts and brain can shift during the perinatal period - for BOTH partners

  • demystify Baby Blues, perinatal anxiety and depression while addressing any related fears or stigma

  • identify strategies that promote healthy thinking and effective coping

  • internal and external factors that can impact your wellness in pre and postpartum stages

  • wellness planning - finding ways to care for yourself and each other (preparing for baby and after baby has arrived)

  • knowing when and where to seek support

  • relationship changes and the transition to parenthood

Labour, Delivery & Beyond - 1

What to Expect and the Unexpected

 It is impossible to think about having a baby without becoming focused on actual the process of having the baby!  We want to help you have a greater understanding of this process, what to expect and how to enlist the supports you need both during labour and in the postpartum period.

Our practicing labour and delivery Registered Nurse will provide key information regarding:

  • how to manage common pregnancy concerns in later pregnancy (i.e. heartburn, swelling, aches/pains)

  • stages of labour and changes in physiology, hormones

  • what to expect in the days/hours leading up to labour

  • preparing for birth and/or your hospital visit

  • early labour - what this stage looks and feels like & related coping techniques

  • reasons to call or visit the hospital

  • ways to naturally induce labour

Birthing Room

Labour & Delivery Cont'd - 2

Labour Progression and Postpartum

  • your support team and in-hospital experience

  • what is induction and why may this process be used?

  • active labour  - what does this look/feel like and strategies to manage this stage and its progression

  • positions to assist with labour and pushing

  • medical and non-medical methods to increase comfort; pain management and relief options

  • modes of delivery (vaginal, c-section, assisted vaginal) and medical intervention methods 

  • informed consent and being a supportive partner

  • newborn care and your care immediately following birth; skin-to-skin methods

  • getting started with baby feeding 

  • basic newborn care at home and what to expect in days to come

  • when/where to access further help/supports/medical

  • postpartum supports for baby, birthing person and partner

Community and Connection

Connected - Inside and Out

"It takes a village to raise a child" has been a timeless saying for good reason!  We need to build our villages back now more than ever.

Having a community of both professionals and people in your social circles that you can turn to for support or information, can make a world of difference both pre and postpartum.

This series intentionally creates opportunities for connections 1. between birthing persons and partners, 2. amongst group participants, and 3. within the community  we live.

We will share information about resources such as:

  • health resources specific to newborns and babies

  • local community services geared to families

  • reliable online resources to supplement your pre and post-partum journey 

  • resources to support your relationship(s)

We hope you will leave with a cohort of other parents-to-be with whom you can continue to share your parenting journey.

Friends Eating Dinner

Winter 2024 Sessions

  • January 31 - Prenatal Nutrition

  • February 7 - Mental and Emotional Wellness

  • February 21 - Safe Exercise and Pelvic Health

  • February 28 - Labour, Delivery and Newborn Care

  • March 6 - Labour, Delivery and Newborn Care

  • March 13 - Community Resources and Connections


White Sand and Stone

Ready to Connect?

We would be delighted to have join our community!

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