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Gabby Goodbrand CPT

Certified Professional Trainer

It’s hard to navigate through all the information from the internet, family, friends, and other professionals regarding safe and effective pre- and postnatal fitness.

As a mother of two, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and the owner of a ladies-only studio, I guide women who are pregnant in properly engaging their core and pelvic floor while exercising, as well as teaching the importance of restoring your core and easing back into fitness in a way that is safe for your recovering body and effective for rebuilding lost strength and endurance.

In addition to providing a specialized program (Core Confidence) in strengthening your pelvic floor and retraining your core, I provide a space that is safe and welcoming for women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to start or continue on their health and fitness journeys.

Gabby Goodbrand CPT
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