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Yoga on Beach

Community-Building for Perinatal Families


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APRIL 21st 2024 @ 1pm


While sound baths have become a popular avenue for many to help reduce stress, we have yet to try one.  Want to try along with us?



* Designed for parents and caregivers of young children, but all are welcome. *

Rest your body, mind, heart and soul in this sound bath inspired by Mother Earth.

As a caregiver, you devote so much energy to your children and loved ones. This sound bath will be a chance to slow down and take some time for your own self-care and renewal. 













soundbath event.png

Message from Heidi McCurdy

As a voice-based sound healer, Heidi tunes in to the music of the moment, and shares soulful songs, tones, mantras, and intuitive improvisations. She uses the resonant frequencies of crystal bowls, handpan, and shruti box, combined with singing and the ancient call of the drum, to create a blissful and enchanted ambiance.  Through her years of performing, writing, improvising and teaching, Heidi has cultivated an intimate relationship with the Muse. She has trained in both vocal and instrumental Sound Healing methods and is a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist. She brings a high level of sensitivity, compassion, intuition, creativity and musicality to the field.


Sound bathing is a beautiful and restorative way to bring more inner peace and calm into your life. Surrounded by highly resonant sounds, it becomes easy to surrender into a dreamlike state of deep relaxation. Soothing vibrations travel through our entire body, stimulating healing on multiple levels. In this peaceful state, our nervous systems have a chance to calm down, release stored tension and emotional energy, process life experiences, and restore us to our innate balance and wholeness.


Since ancient times, humans have been using sound as medicine. Many modern researchers are now studying the effects of sound healing, enabling us to gain an exciting contemporary understanding of how it enhances wellbeing on levels of body, mind, heart and spirit. As well as emotional and psychological benefits, sound healing has been shown to improve pain, mobility, blood pressure, circulation, memory and quality of sleep.

** Please note this experience may not be suitable for everyone.  If you have a medical condition triggered by sound (i.e. migraines, hearing aid discomfort) or are experiencing mental health concerns that may be exacerbated by the meditative quality of this event (i.e. trauma flashbacks, suicidality, psychosis, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder), please consult with your doctor or mental health care provider prior to taking part in this activity.  Participants assume sole responsibility for any risks or results related to participation in this event.   Information provided above is by a third-party.  South Rock Perinatal Wellness Collective makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the suitability for any purpose or accuracy of information contained within the above publication/description and event itself.  Please see our terms and conditions.

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  3. We will contact you with further details following registration.  If you do not hear from us within 48 hrs, please contact us.

  4. Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat / any props you may prefer for comfort (i.e. pillow, blanket)

Please see our Terms and Conditions.

If you should experience difficulty registering and you are on a mobile, please try via a desktop computer.  If this does not resolve your concern, please contact us.

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