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6-Week Postnatal Health & Well-being Program

Recover & Connect 

New Dates TBA!

Welcoming a baby into your family is one of the most profound transitions life has to offer.

You weren't meant to do this alone! 

Full of practical information to guide you through this transition, we aim to provide relevant self-care strategies, reliable information and an opportunity to connect with others navigating the same stage of life. 

Program Information & Details


Who's it For?

This parent-baby series is most beneficial for those who have welcomed a baby within the last year (best for babies not yet fully mobile).  We know the need for information and support does not end with the 6-week check-up!

We strive to be an inclusive, culturally-sensitive community and to create information suited to the many ways in which babies become part of a family.   While there are post-pregnancy specific components to this program, information is adapted to be appropriate for families welcoming a baby via adoption, surrogacy or other avenues.  

ALL are welcome.


Newborn Baby

Why is This Important?

When you are at home with your baby it can be really hard to know what's normal, take care of yourself, find the right information and connect with others.  

Group series such as this can help with all of the above and are an affordable way to learn a lot in a short time -or discover areas you want to know more about!


We truly believe every parent can benefit from a place to ask questions and receive reliable information offered by a community of caring professionals.

 Being part of a community also lowers your risk of anxiety and depression, which are more common in the perinatal period.


Build on your knowledge, your supports, your community.

Raising a Newborn

What's Included?

  • 6 topic-based "workshops" in the series, each 1.5hrs 

  • Lecture, interactive exercises, time for questions

  • Tea-time - connect with others 

  • Resource-building

  • Digital handouts / summaries

  • Access to 6 perinatal professionals such as:   

  • Registered Nurse / IBCLC Lactation Consultant 

  • Registered Dietitian 

  • Registered Physiotherapist 

  • Registered Perinatal Nurse

  • Registered Clinical Counsellors  

  • Certified Professional Trainer 

  • Registered Massage Therapist


Pocket Watch

When / Where is It?

Time: 11am-1pm

Dates: Fall dates TBA

Cost: Please check back here often

Location: Unit 28 - 3033 King George Blvd., South Surrey, BC

Registration closes one week prior to program start 


Coming to the party late?  If you've just learned about us after registration has closed, or know in advance you will be away for a session, don't count yourself out!  Contact us to discuss your options.  Please note we require a minimum number of registrants to run this program and to allow for these accommodations.

** experiencing financial hardship?  We believe everyone should have access to the information they need.  We provide a limited number of subsidized spots for each program (pending full class enrollment).  Contact to inquire.


Newborn Sleeping

How Do I Sign Up?

Super easy.  To register push the button below. 

Do you have questions that need answers first? 

Get in touch with us.

See what topics we'll cover and learn more below!

While we actively seek ways to be more accommodating, we currently recommend arranging child care for older siblings.

** This series is intended to be primarily for educational purposes.  If you are experiencing active suicidality, bipolar disorder, psychosis or other mental health concerns requiring individualized treatment, we would like you to get your needs met in the best way possible.  Please discuss with your doctor programs such as BC Reproductive Mental Health or another support option best tailored to your needs.

Mother and Baby

Program Content & Outline

Adapted and expanded from the NEST-S self-care principles (coined by BC Reproductive Mental Health Program), our goal is to provide you with information that addresses the needs of your body, your baby and your well-being.  Below is a snapshot of topics/themes in our series, with the important addition of our secret sauce  -  "C"for COMMUNITY.

Each session is educational and interactive, offering you opportunities to "try out" the concepts you are learning.  Please note, the order of topic material is fluid within each series and determined by practitioner availability and participant needs.  Below is a general outline of information, while a list of topics by date is shown at the bottom of the page, once determined.

Healthy Food

Nutrition and Nurturing

Feed Your Body, Your Baby, Your Soul

A cornerstone of health, nutrition is integral to the well-being of you and your baby.  It's also incredibly hard to eat healthy - or eat at all - when you're focused on the needs of your new little human.  Yet, it couldn't be more important!  Good fuel can help your mind be well and your body recover from one of the greatest changes it will go through,

Our presenting practitioners can give you support with:

  • baby-feeding - supporting multiple feeding methods

  • how to know if baby's nutritional needs are being met

  • eating well with your hands full

  • 5 keys for nutrition postpartum

  • nutritional support for breastfeeding (where applicable), supporting recovery

  • easy, delicious and healthy recipes 

  • postpartum meal-planning 

Exercise and Emotions

Move your Body, Your Mind, Your Mood

The benefits of exercise to the body, brain and emotions are being uncovered everyday.  It's likely that the exercise regime you had before baby no longer fits your current situation (or your body)!  However, these benefits can still be yours.

Our perinatal exercise and movement specialists can help you:

  • learn when is the "right" time to get back into fitness, activity and intercourse postpartum

  • wake up the deep system - learn how to train your core and pelvic floor in the postpartum stages

  • understand how to modify exercises to start where you are at; exercises to support postpartum needs 

  • how to check for diastasis recti prior to exercise

  • engage in exercises within the class with support

Exercising with Baby

Sleep, Rest and Recovery

"Rest" Meets Active Rehabilitation

Recovery is a whole-body experience.  It makes sense to treat it as such.  Whether you need sleep, a brain break or safe movements to offer your body, we would like to help you with that.

Some of the areas we'll consider in discussions include:

  • exercises and stretches that promote recovery and prevent injuries/pain common to postpartum

  • ways to support your posture while carrying, lifting, transporting baby

  • how to engage in routine positive habits to support your body's recovery

  • the important of rest in recovery and barriers to sleep

  • engaging supports to create windows of rest and sleep support

  • basic baby massage techniques (practitioner-dependent)

Time for Self and Well-being

Holding Onto "You" While Holding Your Baby

Many people struggle with scary thoughts and feelings as though they have "lost" themselves in a new life with baby.  The good news is what is lost can be found.  

We can help you stay connected with what makes you, "you," while connecting with baby. 

Our practitioners will also support you to:

  • identify resources for emotional supports

  • learn about common challenges (internal, interpersonal, relationship) experienced in the transition to parenthood 

  • know the signs of baby blues vs postpartum depression, normal worry vs postpartum anxiety, birth/reproductive trauma and other concerns

  • understand how thinking can shift during the postpartum period and strategies to promote healthy thinking patterns

  • access healthy coping, find ways to fill your cup, experience how self-compassion can help you cope with challenging moments

Yellow Flower

Supports & Baby Care

When and Where to Get Help

Caring for babies requires a great deal of support - practical, health-related and emotional.  Sometimes it is hard to know who best to reach out to for what you need.  Engaging different types of support will be a topic throughout the series.

Our practitioners have a great deal of information to help you know where to go when you and your baby need practical, personal and informational support. 

We'll touch on topics such as:

  • common lactation and feeding concerns

  • baby care and safety

  • immunizations and common health concerns

  • family planning and your health

  • local and online resources 

Community and Connection

All Humans Need Connection

"It takes a village to raise a child" has been a timeless saying for good reason!  We need to build our villages back now more than ever, after the pandemic.

We will take time to discuss ways in which we can:

  • connect, with ourselves, our families and the larger community 

  • cultivate supportive relationships within the group

  • access social circles/supports to sustain your well-being

  • avoid social comparison traps, develop healthy "parent-ships"

  • learn about local community groups and places to further develop your village

Family Dinner

Spring 2024 Series

Sessions are facilitated by Leanne Fessler RCC in collaboration with:

April 26 - Baby Feeding and Sleep with Leslie Parker RN/ICBLC Lactation Consultant

May 3 - Pelvic Floor and Injury Prevention with Brittany Wade RPT

May 10 - Baby Care, Health & Community Resources with Mariann Cumming RN

May 17- Postnatal Nutrition for Parents/Partners/Caregivers with Krista Hunt RD

May 24 - Move your Body and Create Community with Gabby Goodbrand CPT

May 31 - Perinatal Mental Health and Wellness with Stephanie Albanese RCC


White Sand and Stone

Ready to Connect?

We would be delighted to have join our community!

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